Redfest South Africa


Our Vision

To stimulate a lifelong excursion of scientific inquiry, innovation and to be a centre of excellence in mathematics, science, technology and engineering education that is locally relevant, nationally important and globally competitive.

Our Mission

To be a rural community resource centre for innovative thinking and provocative dialogue in science and technology that offers a high quality standard of science education, to inspire scientific curiosity through dynamic and interactive learning experiences; to encourage rural people of all ages to appreciate the importance, universality of science and it's application in South Africa

Our Core Values

1. Customer Service Excellence: We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honouring commitments that we have made to them.
2. Respect: We treat our team members, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity. We respect all individuals and value their contributions.
3. Innovation: In addressing our determination, challenges and prospects we continuously innovate to learn and improve our services
4. Passion: We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do. We are committed to delivering high quality experiences that inspire and foster learning. We are passionate about science and its ability to enrich lives
5. Integrity: In our commitment to scientific relevance and accuracy, we act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth.

Who are we?

The Rural Education Festival, (and hereinafter referred to as “REDFEST Science Centre “or “REDFEST South Africa”) is a non-profit making organisation registered under the NPO Act 71 of 1997 with registration number: 133 – 411 NPO, it is also registered as a Not for profit company in terms of No.71 of 2008, Companies Act with registration number 2016/097531/08.
REDFEST South Africa is registered as a public benefit organisation in terms of Section 30 of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 with PBO number: 930046361.

The organization has originally been initiated to implement educational events across the entire country for rural and previously disadvantaged groups. Its board of directors consists of 71.4% of African females who have more than 09 years of experience working in the Science Centre industry. Due to overwhelming support from the local government, Department of Education and local business Rural Education Festival has evolved into a full time mother-body trading as REDFEST South Africa which is the umbrella for REDFEST science centre and an annual educational festival called REDFEST Festival.

REDFEST South Africa explores innovative channels and strengthens the linkages amongst rural schools, Higher Education Institutions, Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s), industries and local businesses within all nine provinces of the Republic of South Africa. This initiative enhances the teaching methodology and skills for educators. It also ignites an appetite and the curiosity in Mathematics, Science, Technology and Engineering (MSTE) learning areas at elementary school levels thereby contributing to national, provincial and local economic development by strengthening the scarce skilled human resource pools. As a result REDFEST South Africa afford an opportunity for our rural learners to gain access to information about wide variety of possible careers, financial aid schemes, study opportunities and learner-ships. Normally learners from rural areas end up not accessing higher education due to poverty, poor education, lack of information, distance from higher education institutions, and historical apartheid discrimination.


The REDFEST science centre is initiated to:

• Host (Mathematics, Science, Technology, Engineering and Innovation) MSTEI educational exhibitions for rural communities
• Inspire previously disadvantaged rural learners in the junior secondary phase to consider selecting careers that will play a major role in the development & the enhancement of the economy of the Republic of South Africa
• Ignite a desire & curiosity in MSTEI learning areas at elementary school level in previously disadvantaged areas.
• Help learners and university students to see and apply scientific concepts in their everyday lives to support livelihood initiatives
• Contribute to the improvement of public awareness of Science, Engineering and Technology (PASET) across the country
• Contribute towards strengthening human resource pool of MSTE graduates and the local economy within all provinces by providing a high quality tourism and cutting edge educational programmes
• Explore innovative channels and strengthen the linkages amongst schools, higher education institutions, SETA’s and local businesses
• Show-case the African role models in science particularly from rural areas
• Enhance the teaching methodology and skills for educators

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